Quick monthly updates on our activities at Pollards in July 2018.

July Updates

Ecclesall Road

Our lovely Rachel was on holiday this month celebrating her big birthday in Italy. While she was away we had a brief stint of staff cover needed over at the retail shop on Ecclesall Road, Sheffield. Tracy (our barista trainer) and Geo (me, the digital marketer) went down to the shop for a few days to serve our customers. I wanted to say a personal thank you to all of those customers who we served. You were all so patient with us. Our usual day-t0-day is spent at the roastery with little contact with the outside world so your patience was well received.

You will no doubt be happy to know that Rachel has returned from the sun, and is back in the shop! So pop in and say hello.




iPad Payment System

We are installing a new payment system throughout the company. You may have spotted our iPads dotted around, this is our new system. This system allows card payments to be monitored from both of our sites, and enables us to now give our digital email receipts instead of paper! Eco friendly upgrades are always good we think!

This payment system also helps out accounts department monitor the payments live from either site.


Please let us know on social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) how you feel about these changes and if they have worked well for your purchases.



That’s everything that is new in July! Thanks for reading. Make sure you check back soon.


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