The Roastery

Coffee Roasters

Pollards have been coffee roasters since 1879, supplying fresh speciality coffee beans and fresh leaf teas to the UK. We supply to coffee shops, cafés, restaurants, hotels and many other businesses across the country. Our roastery is located in Sheffield, UK which is where the business started. As you will see, we are proud of the local roots and the history of Pollards.

The roastery:

All of our coffee is roasted on our wholesale site. At the roastery, we do everything from blend; to roast and package our products. All of our deliveries are dispatched from here, with fresh coffee being shipped daily. If you would like, you can arrange to visit our roastery by appointment. If you want to come meet us, just get in touch, we will be happy to show you around and answer any questions.

Pollards roast all of our coffee using three coffee roasters kept on site, affectionately named ‘Red’ and ‘Brown’ and ‘Green’, because… yes you’ve guessed it, they are red, brown and green in colour. Our oldest roaster has a much loved reputation from when it was kept at our old cafe in the city centre.

The ‘Red’ roaster is controlled by a sophisticated bespoke digital system. Due to this, it means that it can produce large batches of consistent coffee time after time. Meanwhile the ‘Brown’ coffee roaster allows the Pollards team to have a bit of fun and be creative with their roast. As a manual control, this roaster is used mainly to develop coffee profiles and produce special batches. The ‘Green’ roaster is the very latest addition to the Pollards coffee roastery. Presently, this machine is being used to develop new blends and profiles.

Andy, Pollards’ Roast Master, has been roasting coffee with Pollards for over 20 years. During this time as a coffee roaster, he has picked up many traditional recipes and techniques and developed some of our key recipes. In order to keep consistency, he jots these down in his little black book to keep them safe. In fact, very few people have had the honour of looking inside!

Bespoke roasting:

Are you a business looking for a unique coffee to sell and/or serve? Pollards can provide your business with a personalised coffee blend. This blend can be developed and roasted solely for you. Whether you have a coffee in mind or wish to talk to our roasting team about profiling the perfect bespoke blend for your business. If you want to get in touch then just use the contact form to talk with us or read more about this service here. We are always happy to drink some coffee with you!

Look inside:

Below you will find a few images of our roasters and warehouse. A sneak peak of what goes on inside a traditional coffee bean roasters Roastery (say that quickly!):