Private Label Shipping Services

Private Label Shipping Services

Here at Pollards Wholesale Ltd, we can go above and beyond for your company. We can source, roast, pack and deliver private label coffee beans (or grounds) to you, or directly to your customers. The coffee we roast is dispatched with your own label and branding on the bag, with no mention of us. In simple terms, we can help you build your coffee brand form behind the scenes! If you struggle to keep up with capacity of your wholesale orders, let us help you with this tailored service. We are experienced roasters with a trusted and valued wholesale client portfolio ourselves. But we have the capacity to produce lots more at our warehouse.

The steps are easy:

    • you find a customer
    • place their order with us
    • we produce and dispatch direct to you or your customer

What is so good about it?

The exciting part to this is that you don’t need a premises to hold coffee or additional products, we can ship your orders direct to your UK customers from our roastery in Sheffield, Yorkshire. This saves you time and money by removing the need for your company to physically take in the goods, repackage or relabel. Without the need to maintain a warehouse, you just need to promote products, and secure sales, in order to obtain your profit. There is no need to manage stock or hire staff, as this is all taken care of by us.

This is the perfect solution for a home business or an online venture company, a new start up, someone looking to downsize overheads at a pre-existing company or even for use as a temporary aid and emergency roasts. We can help with excess work while you expand, or Pollards can be a permanent production partner for your business.


Coffee Selection

You control which coffee to supply to your customers, we offer an extensive list of single origins and perfected Pollards blends, or something else entirely.

Sometimes what you want from a coffee can be hard to find, and sometimes, it just doesn’t exist yet. So we give you the opportunity to have a bespoke blend created exclusively for your brand.

At Pollards, we enjoy developing new blends of coffee. We have a selection of our own, plus a range of blends for other coffee businesses around the UK, all produced here at our roastery. We have developed many espresso blends for our customers over the years and each blend is unique.

Hessian-Sack-Burundi-Coffee-Beans-PollardsIf you choose to have a custom blend with us, your coffee will be roasted to order, labelled with your own label design and dispatched as usual. The blend recipe will be kept unique, and a trusted secret, for you. You can work with us to develop a blend you enjoy, or we can do it all for you, its completely up to you.

We can provide whole beans, or a selection of pre-ground options. This helps make your job stress free, as all the nitty gritty work is done by us. Regardless of grind or bean, all of our coffee is roasted fresh on site by our dedicated and skilled team here in Sheffield.



Complimentary private labels with your branding on the front instead of ours. Not only will we provide you with quality coffee beans but they will also look amazing too. We have a wide range of packaging styles and options to suit your needs. Any colour or style you like. All of our labels are printed using a state of the art digital printer.


We can also provide a white label coffee service where the packaging will be left blank for you to add your own labels/details etc. if you so wish. Some customers choose to get the coffee roasted here at Pollards Wholesale Ltd, and dispatch it to their own facility first where packaging can be finalised with branded stickers themselves. Both options are available, whichever option works best for your company.

The packaging we apply will be a label designed by you, this will be placed on your chosen bags, these are available in a range of sizes and colours to suit all branding possibilities that you have.

This method of packaging is very popular because it allows your logo to be shown, and no mention of us. Proven to boost your branding and promote your company. This method also allows the end customers the longest shelf life as the product can be dispatched straight to the customer.



Pollards can roast, pack and send ‘your’ coffee direct to your customers without the need for the Pollards brand. We can send invoices directly to yourselves with no trail. We’re dedicated to keeping our private label clients names private and confidential, and build trust in any partnership.


Standing Orders

If you get a lot of repeat orders, Pollards can make it easy. Simply, send them straight to us and we will send out repeated orders on a date that suits both you, and your customers. We can even make it a direct debit if that is best.


Orders & Delivery

We have no minimum order requirements so you can buy your coffee one box at a time. You could also order in bigger batches to suit you’re work flow and demand.

We currently use DPD to deliver all of our parcels. Our coffee leaves the roastery and is en route to customers within 72 hours of being roasted. This allows customers the best chance of receiving fresh coffee, which we think is important.

We offer a range of delivery options for our wholesale clients, next day delivery and express delivery are available.


Emergency Roasts


Has your roaster broken down? Do you have a last minute order that you can’t handle? We can help. We offer one off or temporary aid here at Pollards too. While your roaster gets fixed, we can fulfil your orders on your behalf. Or we can help provide any unexpected additional orders for you. This service is to help others in the coffee community, with no disruption to your usual service. Nothing changes, except we do the work for you while you get back on your feet. We source, roast, package and deliver your coffee straight to you. Or we can deliver direct to the customer on your behalf, all with your branding on it. Our roastery can cope with large orders and our team want to help provide a great service. We do all of this with a quick turnaround too.


Additional Support

We would also be on hand to help and advise you along the way. We can teach you about products and services relating to coffee. Pollards was first established in 1879 and our experienced team are knowledgeable in all areas coffee.

We even offer Barista Training to help you further your knowledge on being able to sell coffee and make wonderful drinks for your potential customers. We offer this to clients, customers, baristas and enthusiasts alike.



Get in touch now to discuss your own private label coffee beans, and see what Pollards Wholesale Ltd can do for you and your coffee business.


If you would like to place a normal order through our web shop please use our pollards coffee retail website. Thanks!