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Roasting: How technology helps us to refine the roast

Technology and coffee roasting Roasting coffee is both an art, and a science. Our roast masters expertly use their experience, talent and skill to tease out the possibilities within each green bean. This is no easy task, and the process can take decades to perfect. All of our recipes are carefully honed and written down […]

New Delivery: Burundi Coffee Beans

It’s been too long since we’ve had a decent delivery of Burundi coffee beans into the Pollards warehouse. So, we’re over the moon with what we’ve got. The delivery actually happened two weeks ago, but we’ve been drinking so much of it that we forgot to tell anyone! (There’s still some left, don’t worry.) What […]

How is coffee produced?

From Bean to Cup Pt.1: The Coffee Plant ‘From Bean to Cup’ is a series of blogs by Pollards that guides you through the processes behind the daily cup of coffee we all enjoy. The blogs will cover the processing, the roasting and the grading of coffee beans, while documenting its journey from the plantation […]