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Coffee Blends

If you enjoy drinking coffee then two terms you’re likely to come across are “coffee blend” and “single origin coffee.” This article is aimed at amateur coffee drinkers who are looking for more information. Here, we aim to explain the key terms and help you understand how and why we create coffee blends at Pollards. […]

How is coffee harvested? Harvest processes

From Bean to Cup Pt. 3: Harvesting the Coffee In previous posts we have looked at the coffee plant and the differences between arabica and robusta coffee. In this blog we walk you through the process of how to harvest the coffee cherries from the plant (it is inside these ripe cherries that the coffee […]

How is coffee produced?

From Bean to Cup Pt.1: The Coffee Plant ‘From Bean to Cup’ is a series of blogs by Pollards that guides you through the processes behind the daily cup of coffee we all enjoy. The blogs will cover the processing, the roasting and the grading of coffee beans, while documenting its journey from the plantation […]