We can’t believe its August already! Welcome to our monthly blog update on everything that happens here at Pollards! If you missed what happened last month then quickly catch up and come back… we will wait.


The sunny weather is leaving us and we have had quite a bit of rain here in Sheffield this month. Because coffee is consumed more in the colder months we have already experienced an increase in demand for coffee this month.



Holiday season is in full swing. As some of you know, most of our employees are very much family orientated, including the owner! With summer holidays this month, we have had to find a balance. This means being clever with staff holidays or time off. Not just those with young families but we all want to go chase that sun abroad too! We try to do this sensitively each year in order to not affect service during this time. So we have all been busy with placing advance orders of our raw materials and preparing.


August Bank Holiday

We have mentioned in previous blogs how the Bank Holidays cause an influx of orders here at the roastery. Everyone wants to stock up for the long weekends and this August Bank Holiday weekend is no different. Last week was all about preparing for this. Maintenance on machines is essential and we do this regularly. This week is the long weekend. And you can’t rush good coffee, so its all hands on deck to ensure service runs as normal even at this higher level of production.

We close on bank holidays so if you ordered nice and early, you’re order will be with you on Tuesday!

We hope you all have a lovely long weekend!


Pollards – Closed for August Bank Holiday Weekend 2018

New Website

We are currently in the process of populating a brand new website! How exciting! This has been a while in the pipeline and still has a way to go before we are ready to launch, but progress is being made and we are all very excited. This new website will consolidate a lot within the business and hopefully make the processes behind the scenes run much more smoothly. Keep reading our update blogs to find out more over the next few months!

If you have any ideas on what you would like to see on our new website then please get in touch with our marketer Geo either on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), or via email: Geo@pollards.com.

For now we have our usual main website which runs as normal and also our retail website for products and orders.


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