Autumn – Take advantage of peak coffee season with these tips

Autumn is great news for anyone running a coffee business. Darker nights and colder temperatures outside means that customers seek out cosy coffee shops. Instead of ice creams and picnic benches, people want to indulge in a rich flavoured hot drink. So this blog is all about our autumn tips.

The next few months are peak coffee season. If you’ve got a mobile coffee cart, a cosy cafe or a chic coffee shop (or you are looking to start one) now is your best opportunity to promote your business, drive sales and maximise your profits.

Capitalise on the colder weather and make the most of the season by following our top Pollards autumn tips.

1. Update your menu

A tempting menu means more sales. In order to maximise sales you should ensure that your menu matches the season. This is our number one tip for Autumn, we think that it is vital to update the menu often. In autumn, customers seek out comforting and warming coffees and a hint of spice. So put those frappes on ice for another year. As soon as autumn hits, it’s time to break out the mochas and start pushing those spicy lattes instead.

It’s no secret that flavoured coffees are big business. It tastes great and adds a nice sweetness to a cup of joe. Syrups are well known to be a great way to introduce none coffee drinkers to the world of coffee. So that probably explains why younger customers (16-24 year olds) like it so much! If your clientele is mostly in the younger demographic, this might be a staple on your menu already. If not, then maybe consider adding it this season.

Some ‘essential’ syrup flavours we recommend for Autumn include:

  • Pumpkin spice
  • Spiced apple
  • Cinnamon
  • Hazelnut
  • Nutmeg

These flavours are reminiscent for this season, cosy and luxurious rich scents. We absolutely love it!

2. Decor and presentation

Popping out for coffee is more than just a drink. People seek out the experience and the environment that is associated with a coffee. So creating the right ‘feel’ in your cafe takes work. Moving with the seasons can help to keep customers interested. Subtle changes to the way your coffee cart/shop, and the drinks that are presented during the autumn and winter months, can help your business to really stand out from the competition.

We recommend to take inspiration from the retail sector. Have a look at the various window displays on the high street. Colour wise, autumn is all about reds, yellows and browns – think along the lines of a few pumpkins and apples displayed in a wicker basket, or even wearing autumnal colours to remind customers that the season is changing. Change any air fresheners in the shop to a warmer scent, add pillows or throws to the seating and put out an umbrella stand near the entrance in preparation for those drizzly mornings.

When it comes to your drinks, having cups in autumnal colours, and adding a touch of cinnamon to the top of coffees can provide memorable touches.

Decor and seasonal changes are also popular for things such as Instagram. Make sure your business gets the attention it deserves by welcoming social media and encouraging customers to hashtag and tweet about your fantastic business. Nothing does this better than a beautiful seasonal back drop!


3. Cater for the non-coffee crowd

Its not a myth, there are still some non-believers out there who simply don’t like to drink coffee!

However, on cold days, these people are still looking for hot drinks to warm them up. You can drive additional sales to your business, by diversifying your offering to cater to this crowd. In addition to the beloved tea, hot chocolate is an easy choice that everyone loves. You can make yours extra indulgent with the option of cream and chocolate shavings on top if you like.

A trendy alternative to coffee is chai (also known as chai latte)  – and having a ‘house chai’ is a great way to set your business apart from the crowd.


4. Launch or expand your own coffee business

Autumn is the perfect time to turn your dreams into reality, and to launch your very own coffee business. If you are looking to enter the coffee biz, autumn is without a doubt, the prime time to start. Sales will be boosted by the up coming bad weather, and by the time summer is around, the locals will know about your coffee.

Make sure to do your research first obviously, as with every business venture. But Autumn in the coffee industry is peak season so it would be the most secure time for startups. For some helpful guidance, look at this blog.

Alternatively, if your business is looking to expand, then go for it now! The increase in sales over the coming months will buffer the financial hit of an expansion.

This tip is extremely relevant as its the start of the new term time too! School runs will feel more tolerable with a new coffee shop to explore, it could be a nice favourite! Also, for targeting the slightly younger demographic, universities enrole new students throughout September and freshers survive purely on coffee for the first year. The possibilities are endless but advertising, expanding and opening are all things to consider.


5. Host events

Autumn is a busy time of year for the events calendar. Bonfire night, Halloween, back to school starts, and even the run up to Christmas is on everybody’s minds this season.

As a local business, why not piggyback on these events to draw in customers – and have a bit of fun. Consider events such as school run happy hour prices, or decorate the shop for halloween, encourage fancy dress and for bonfire night sell sweets like toffee apples to mix it up. Enthusiasm is contagious.


We hope you have enjoyed our top 5 top autumn tips. Let us know what you think and if you have any extra tips of your own! We would love to hear from you.