Pollards Blog: 5 Reasons to ask your coffee supplier for a unique branded own blend


Own brand coffee blends are one of the top up-and-coming trends, and your business does not want to miss out! Whether you are an independent coffee shop, or simply a business who supply fresh coffee for your employees or customers, then having your own blend made with Pollards, can have a big impact.

You have it: that signature dish you’ve made your own, to the delight of friends, family, and acquaintances. Early on, you followed some recipe to the letter, not daring to stray from the instructions. It turned out fine. But over time, something wonderful happened. Your confidence grew, and with it, your willingness to experiment. You freelanced your way to a masterpiece. The in-laws rave about your dish and you let them, comfortable in the fact that its good.

It’s really the same for specialty coffee. Speciality coffee is now firmly (and rightly) entrenched in the realm of fine cuisine. Baristas are getting more and more adventurous, inventing house cappuccinos and coffee cocktails, investing in professional-caliber equipment. Why not showcase your coffee ‘recipe’ in your business?

Popular independent coffee shops are now releasing their own brand coffee. Here at Pollards we have been helping coffee merchants create unique own blends for years. We see the value in providing something unique to your customers. Here are five reasons why you should introduce own house blend coffee to your business.



Having an own blend coffee in your business does wonders for your brand. It not only looks impressive on your shelf, but you can tweak the blend to reflect the business. Bright, bold or subtle we can create a blend that fits both you and your company.

The flavour, in time, should (and will) reflect your company. Associating a brand with a sense such as smell or taste can strengthen the connection between the customer, and the brand. Therefore, the coffee you serve should be created with this in mind. We can help you find a taste that you love, and that your customers will too. All clients require something different. It depends on who drinks your coffee.

You can serve your unique blend in store, and sell retail bags of your blend to your customers to take home too. You can put your branding logos and text onto the packaging, showcasing your logo as opposed to the usual coffee brands customers see every day advertised in your business. The retail bags make for great gifts. Plus, it has your name on it, so customers are more likely to come back for more, instead of the supermarket.



The latest trends indicate that customer loyalty is increased with the placement of own branding on items. People used to flock towards chains, believing that with a big name came the confidence that the product is good. Lately, consumers are realising that a small independent has more to lose than a multi-national chain when it comes to gaining the trust of their consumers. Smaller businesses value the trust of their customers and strive to offer the best products. So what better than to offer them a product which you helped create?

On a local scale, awareness for your business is crucial for inspiring loyalty. If your customers love your coffee and take it into their own home, through purchasing your retail coffee bags, then there is a good chance that their friends and family will be exposed to your delicious coffee too. This can only have a positive effect on your business and often helps to drive more customers into your shop.

With retail coffee bags you’re not only providing your customers delicious coffee in your shop, you’re looking after their coffee needs at home. In doing so they’ll develop a stronger affinity for the taste of your coffee, making them less likely to visit other establishments. In time, they will associate great coffee with your brand and that is key. Retail bags help create habits.

You will also be knowledgeable about this coffee, you can talk about it with your customers and make that connection with them. It may give you the conversation topic needed to boost loyalty from customers. People who are passionate about coffee, love to learn about it. Customers who have a more meaningful conversation remembers it better.



A coffee that your competitors don’t have, gives you a unique edge.

Last year we Brits spent £6.2 billion in coffee bars across the country, an increase of £400million on the year before. There are over 16,500 coffee shops in the UK and the sector is booming (link). This means that there are so many coffee shops selling the exact same thing, offering an own blend coffee gives you something the rest of the sector can not have. This is a direct appeal to customers wishing to explore unique products and experiment with taste in their coffee.

If your customers like your coffee, they can only come to you for that fix. As discussed, this creates loyalty to your brand because you hold the monopoly on that product. Pollards promise to never divulge your blend recipe or sell the same product to others. We have recipes with our head roaster, just waiting to be claimed by your company.

Own brand blends make you stand out, pure and simple. We think that unique products should be valued. They can be mysterious and intriguing, or you can be open with the flavours your coffee embody. Whatever your strategy, it makes your company unique.



Creating a blend is a personal process. We give you control over which blends to use. We have the knowledge to develop a blend you will love. But you can taste and try as many as you like in order to develop a blend you want to put your name too (literally).

We welcome you down to our roastery to see what we can do for you. We help you design a product you will love and a product that you, quite literally, are happy to put your name to.


It’s easy!

If the last four reasons isn’t enough, creating your own blend of coffee is made easy with Pollards! Our master roaster is always experimenting with origins and different beans to create interesting and unique flavours that customers will love. We have flavours to suit most palettes, just tell us what you like and we will find something to suit you and your brand.

Pollards offer complimentary private labelling with our products. So the brand is 100% yours, we won’t put our Pollards name on the packaging unless you want us too! Just send us a label to use and we will pack your own blend of beans into the packaging for you. For more information on this service, please read more on our website.


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