The filter method is one of the oldest and widest used ways of making coffee. It is simple and efficient, can be used as a great way of serving different or guest coffees in your coffee shop and can be done with only the minimum of equipment. Use with your Havio V60 as follows:

Hario V60 Coffee Ingredients:

  • A Hario V60 Cone
  • Un-bleached filter paper
  • Cup, mug or jug to collect your brewed coffee
  • Pollards coffee beans (other beans will suffice if necessary)
  • Grinder set to a size similar to granulated table salt
  • Hario V60 Kettle which provides the perfect 'near boiling' water required, roughly about 93-95°C.
  • We recommend that every 2g of ground coffee requires 25ml of water, so if you were to prepare a standard 10g of coffee for your brew you would require 125ml of boiling water.

Step by Step:

  • Put an unbleached filter paper into the Hario v60 cone and wet it with a little hot water to hold it in place. Discard the water used to wet the filter.
  • Put the V60 cone on top of a cup or jug.
  • Weigh out and grind the coffee beans. The coffee beans should be ground coarser then for an espresso machine but finer than for a french press (something similar to the size of granulated sugar will be perfect). Put the ground coffee in the filter cone.
  • Pour the hot water over the coffee gently, wetting the grounds and stopping before coffee comes out of the bottom of the cone if possible. Wait for 20 to 30 seconds before very slowly pouring the rest of the water over the coffee aiming to complete the pour in 3 minutes by keeping the water level about two thirds full in the cone. By doing this you will extract as much flavour as possible from your coffee grounds.
  • As soon as the coffee slows to a drip out of the bottom of the cone, remove it from the cup or jug and place it somewhere to drain. Without delay, serve the coffee and sit back and enjoy it. Delicious.

By Simon Bower
v60 filter wet paper

Wetting the Hario V60 filter with the Hario Kettle to hold it in place.

coffee beans weighing scales

Accurately weighing out the coffee beans for the Hario v60 filter coffee.

kettle pouring water into Hario v60 filter

Slowly pouring the near boiling water on the coffee grounds into the v60 filter.