Isn’t it exciting when you go somewhere and you’re surprised to find something new on offer. It really brightens your day doesn’t it. Coffee drinkers like unique flavours and trying something different. Well, here at Pollards, we believe that you should get that feeling in your local coffee shop too! Instead of offering the same standard drinks selection you see everywhere, why not offer something new to your customers? A tasty blend with seasonal spices perhaps, or a guest coffee specially designed for your coffee shop alone. Limited edition. Doesn’t that sound better? This blog is all about why your coffee shop should offer a guest brew.

Offering a guest brew in your cafe has many advantages, this Pollards blog is going to take you through some of our top reasons to have a guest coffee in your shop.

Spices up the drinks menu

Most drinks menus stay the same, which is not always a bad thing. Predictability is valued by customers don’t get me wrong, as customers we all like to know what to expect from our favourite coffee shop. But we also like temptation, its in our human nature. Coffee lovers like to be tempted with a new coffee every now and again. So instead of letting customers go elsewhere for there coffee buzz, a guest brew can easily fill that gap without loosing you custom. It spices up the menu and keeps it exciting for your returning customers.

Keeps you on top of the trends

Offering a guest coffee allows you as a coffee shop owner to keep up with the latest trends whilst still keeping the business the same. You can experiment with the latest blends and techniques on a temporary basis. Experimenting makes it exciting for you and your baristas too, but spreads the risk for the company. Customers are more likely to view your business as ‘trendy’ if you offer them what is on social media at the time. But that doesn’t mean you need to stock up on avocados for your avo-lattes! A traditional cup will do just fine.

You can do all of this alongside your standard drinks menu too, which allows your standards to be kept high and you can play to your baristas strengths.

Cafe is the new pub

The latest consumer data shows that cafes are rising in popularity compared to pubs. Customers like to linger in coffee shops in more of a social capacity. So if customers are treating your cafe as a replacement to the pub then why not take some ideas and incorporate them into your business. Pubs offer guest ales on a regular basis, so why can’t coffee shops do the same?

Seasonal advertising

Offering a limited edition guest brew is undoubtable exciting. We all have certain things that remind us of a certain time or a specific smell, that we associate with a good memory. Chains such as Starbucks jump on this idea with their seasonal specials. Offering a guest brew for a limited time encourages customers to impulse buy and try new things, this, if done correctly could increase loyalty for your company.

Special offers on guest brew

Because you are only trialling the new guest coffees, usually this means you may get a better price for them from your supplier. So instead of cutting your profit margin on reducing your standard coffee prices, offer the guest brew for a reduced price instead. This will entice customers to purchase them more too!

Discover a customers passion

Once you have a guest brew on offer, something different, you will be surprised how much of a conversation starter it can be. You will find out so much more about your regular customers. In turn they will be impressed with your knowledge and skill. For example, if you offer a new Brazilian blend, customers may be more inclined to tell you of their recent holiday to Brazil. Something as simple as that conversation could increase consumer loyalty. If they try something they like, it might get a customer asking for something similar again. You will learn their preferences and be better equipped to tailor the drinks to your regular customers in order to increase sales.


Hopefully this blog post has inspired you to introduce guest brews to your cafe. Or even to give them a try when you visit a local coffee shop. Every coffee is so unique that it would be a shame to not explore and try more.


let us know what you think!

Thanks for reading! – Pollards