We know if Carlsberg* did blogs it would look something like this… However if you were wanting to do some more reading, venture further into the realm of coffee knowledge or get a second opinion, we have created this list of our favourite coffee blogs. Some of them are by roasters and some by coffee fanatics, but they all have one thing in common… a love for coffee!

*(other lagers are available to purchase in your local supermarket)

1. Dear Coffee I Love You

We really like these coffee blogs, not just because of it’s interesting articles and reviews, but the images are just perfect. The design is simple, easy to navigate and the high quality photography tells a story just as good as the text around it.

Their motto perfectly sums up DCILY‘s attitude towards the coffee community – “Love coffee, live well, give back & inspire others.” – wonderful.

2. Coffee Hunter

So this one does exactly what it says on the tin! Author Peter Thomson is a London based digital strategist and he regularly posts about coffee and cafes throughout the capital, hunting down the best hang-out spots. Peter also documents his adventures outside London and has reviewed beans and brews all over the world in his coffee blogs.

3. Verve Coffee Roasters

Lots of videos, images, techniques, competitions and interesting articles on this blog from the California based roasters. They really love their coffee and continuously test all the new methods and equipment to help you decide what’s best!

Their latest latte art competition on Instagram (now closed) was well documented and put together, showcasing the quality skills of baristas and blog readers alike.

4. Taylors of Harrogate

A bit closer to home with this blog, just up the road in Harrogate to be precise. Taylors of Harrogate have been blogging for some time now through their aptly named ‘School of Coffee’ webpages.

They regularly post ‘How to…’ videos, links to interesting articles, competitions, recipes and umm… squirrels on treadmills? Okay, we’ll just pretend we didn’t see that last one.

5. In My Mug

There is nothing better than a coffee tasting vlog. This one is hosted by an animated brummie who loves coffee more than anything else in the world! They produce wonderful videos about new and unique coffee beans. They evven travel to film on location in coffee plantations thousands of miles away.

Presenter of ‘In My Mug‘, Stephen Leighton, is also the owner of Has Bean coffee.

6. JimSeven

This blog is maintained by the MD of Square Mile Coffee Roasters and World Barista Champion 2007, James Hoffman. He tells it how it is, writing “about coffee, and about the coffee business”.

James’ posts cover origins, flavour, coffee shops, blogs, prices and practically everything else that relates to coffee. It’s certainly an interesting read and has forced its way into our top 7 because of the blog’s clean and academic layout.

7. Pollards’ Coffee Blogs!

HA, we got you! Apologies if it’s a bit big headed. But we’re proud of our young blog and we’re getting excited about the posts that are scheduled to go up over the next few months. Our ‘How to…’ section is going to be especially helpful. Check it out if you’re looking for advice maintaining your coffee shop or looking for new ideas to ‘jazz’ up your cafe.

Have we missed any out? Do you disagree? Let us know by commenting below, we’d love to hear what else is out there.


By Kyle Tranter