Green tea is the beverage of choice in many Asian countries,  produced primarily in China and Japan. Green tea is made from the Camellia Sinensis plant, the same plant from which all types of tea are made.

The process of making loose leaf green tea involves:

  • tea leaves are picked, dried, and heat-treated to stop fermentation
    • Chinese green tea is roasted in a hot pan
    • Japanese green tea is steamed
  • the leaves are rolled and dried again

There are differences between the two teas once dried and brewed; Chinese green tea produces a yellow/green brew with a toasted taste, while Japanese green tea is dark green in colour with a grassy taste.

Pollards stock a variety of loose leaf green teas including:

  • Green Sencha
  • Green Bancha
  • Green Gunpowder
  • and many more…

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