This coffee is from the island of Sumatra, grown in a region named after Lake Toba, the largest volcanic lake in the world.

The coffee beans are separated from their fruit by a unique method known locally as Giling Basoh. This method helps impart a superb body and complex earthy aromatics, for which Indonesian coffees are justly famed. We also use this high quality and unusual coffee to add depth, body and fragrance to many of our filter and espresso blends.

Pollards say: This coffee is smokey, woody and spicy, so you can almost taste the volcanic ash this coffee was grown on. There is very little acidity in this coffee, but you don’t miss it as the huge body makes up for it and the multitude of tastes and aromas blow you away.


These wholesale coffee beans are available as whole beans or ground. For more information about this coffee and for pricing details please use our contact form.