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We had a little giggle at this…

We regularly come across videos on the internet that make us chuckle on our dinner break, but it’s rare we find good ones about coffee… until now that is! The video is very tongue-in-cheek and hits on the coffee ‘hipster’ culture, chain coffee stores and the general troubles of a barista from this source. Watch […]

7 Best Coffee Blogs

We know if Carlsberg* did blogs it would look something like this… However if you were wanting to do some more reading, venture further into the realm of coffee knowledge or get a second opinion, we have created this list of our favourite coffee blogs. Some of them are by roasters and some by coffee […]

Sip or Gulp: Does coffee taste better by the mouthful?

A taste for coffee. A recent study by Italian scientists has been carried out. The research has revealed that the taste of coffee may be improved by drinkers who take large slurps rather than small sips. But why? Well, the scientists say that the larger slurps allow the coffee to release more aroma, compared to […]

New Delivery: Burundi Coffee Beans

It’s been too long since we’ve had a decent delivery of Burundi coffee beans into the Pollards warehouse. So, we’re over the moon with what we’ve got. The delivery actually happened two weeks ago, but we’ve been drinking so much of it that we forgot to tell anyone! (There’s still some left, don’t worry.) What […]