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Roasting: How technology helps us to refine the roast

Technology and coffee roasting Roasting coffee is both an art, and a science. Our roast masters expertly use their experience, talent and skill to tease out the possibilities within each green bean. This is no easy task, and the process can take decades to perfect. All of our recipes are carefully honed and written down […]

Pollards Updates: August

We can’t believe its August already! Welcome to our monthly blog update on everything that happens here at Pollards! If you missed what happened last month then quickly catch up and come back… we will wait.   The sunny weather is leaving us and we have had quite a bit of rain here in Sheffield […]

Coffee Blends

If you enjoy drinking coffee then two terms you’re likely to come across are “coffee blend” and “single origin coffee.” This article is aimed at amateur coffee drinkers who are looking for more information. Here, we aim to explain the key terms and help you understand how and why we create coffee blends at Pollards. […]

Milk alternatives and making your own

Demand for milk alternatives is on the rise, due to changes in dietary choices, taste preference and lifestyle alterations including lactose intolerance, veganism, healthy eating diet restrictions and more. However, it can still be difficult to find a dairy milk substitute that truly makes the cut for both quality and flavour. It’s a growing area […]

Pollards Updates: July

Quick monthly updates on our activities at Pollards in July 2018. July Updates Ecclesall Road Our lovely Rachel was on holiday this month celebrating her big birthday in Italy. While she was away we had a brief stint of staff cover needed over at the retail shop on Ecclesall Road, Sheffield. Tracy (our barista trainer) […]