Milk alternatives and making your own

Demand for milk alternatives is on the rise, due to changes in dietary choices, taste preference and lifestyle alterations including lactose intolerance, veganism, healthy eating diet restrictions and more. However, it can still be difficult to find a dairy milk substitute that truly makes the cut for both quality and flavour. It’s a growing area […]

Pollards Updates: July

Quick monthly updates on our activities at Pollards in July 2018. July Updates Ecclesall Road Our lovely Rachel was on holiday this month celebrating her big birthday in Italy. While she was away we had a brief stint of staff cover needed over at the retail shop on Ecclesall Road, Sheffield. Tracy (our barista trainer) […]

Pollards Updates: June – Sell out shop

Welcome back to our updates blog for June 2018. We hope you are enjoying the new monthly blog on our Pollards news and the latest news in the coffee industry. If you missed last months coffee news blog then you can catch up here.   June 2018 This month has been a whirlwind already. New […]

Uses for leftover or stale coffee beans

Last time in our blog series we looked at how long coffee lasts. Because coffee is a perishable good, it does go stale over time. So the next question is, what use can stale or leftover coffee be? The UK is becoming increasingly zero-waste and this blog (and others we have done before) can help you […]

Cold Brew: Pollards how to guide

Cold Brew The summer drink that is taking over the UK. Cold Brew is a fantastic coffee drink, which is simple and easy to make. This blog post is your one stop shop for instructions on making great Pollards Cold Brew at home. This drink can easily be scaled up if you own your own […]